My apologies to the tour.

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My apologies to the tour.

Postby Leena » 17 May 2009, 06:53

As I said before, I apologize if I offended ying-chang. What I copied was horrible, and you absolutely did nothing to deserve it.

I apologize to the board for attempting to frame maciek78. Despite me being against your handling of him, that wasn't the way to try fixing the problem.

I apologize for whatever I did to disrupt the tour's happenings in the past day. The tour should just be about having fun playing matches, and not arguing about nonsense.

I understand most of you hate me now, so I'm leaving the forum. I'll still be playing occasionally, if ManuTOO still wants me around.

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Re: My apologies to the tour.

Postby btaylor » 17 May 2009, 09:53

Leena, you apologized (which is the thing to do)

Hopefully, HATE shouldn't be the order of the day, but forgiveness... :roll:

With the exception of maybe 1 or 2 others, I hope that the majority of the people on the forum including ManuTOO & the Mods (sounds kind of like a 60's rock band :P ) can look DEEP inside themselves and realize that you WERE trying to make a point (albeit in the WIERDEST of ways :? )

Most times jumping into the slime to wage war with slime, only makes you part of the same slime :wink:

Leena...Always, always try to exercise good judgement using "logic" instead of "anger"...(this goes out to everyone else, yours truly, also)

I, myself, have tended to get a little frustrated at times by some of the changes in the builds from time to time, but I'd like to think that I've never lashed out at anyone else personally...(I DID apologize to Maciek, even if he still needs to "tighten up his act" :roll: )

Lots of other people read the forum (besides the ones who do the most posting) and if they've been following this whole sordid thing, some may find the REASONS behind your statements valid, some may not...(in SOME cases there DOES seem to be an "excessive" amount of tolerance for SOME on the forum...)

Sometimes you simply CANNOT get others to see your point, but it USUALLY helps if you use the PROPER "methodology" instead of resorting to elaborate, frustrated, twisted schemes that only serve to "backfire" in your face, thereby "painting the ugliest of pictures"...

I, for one, hope that the damage is indeed still reparable, because I feel that you "at your best" still have a lot to offer in the forum when you use good judgement coupled with "common sense" 8-) )
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Re: My apologies to the tour.

Postby ying-chang » 17 May 2009, 19:05

I accept your apology.
I'm proud of my heritage!
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