2011 ATP Calendar Mod

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2011 ATP Calendar Mod

Postby Laskaris » 14 Sep 2012, 16:04

This mod updates the game to the 2011 ATP Season calendar (the WTA is not included). It is largely based on Zorromorph's 2011 Mod, so a lot of credit has to go to him and his work. Zorromorph never got the final version of his mod to work, though, apparently because he had added too many Futures tournaments for the game to handle. Since he has been missing for a long time now, I thought I would finish his work.

The tournaments down to and including the Challengers level are taken from Zorromorph's work. What I did was add a new Futures tournament calendar. It includes two Futures tournaments per week. In actual reality, many more Futures tournaments are held on the tennis tour, but because the game cannot handle that many (there are too few players in the database) and because most players will only spend a very brief period of their games playing Futures tournaments, I decided that two per week is enough, just as in the original game. What is different from the original game is that my Futures calendar is more realistic. While a disproportionate amount of Futures tournaments were held in remote locations like Sub-Saharan Africa in the original game, my calendar has a more realistic distribution of Futures tournaments across the globe. Also, the tournaments are held at realistic times during the season in the different countries. I used the real 2011 Futures calendar as an inspiration for this.

Extract the Tour.ATP.Ini and TourCategory.ATP.Ini files to the game's /data folder and over-write the old files (you should make a backup of the old files beforehand, in case you want to go back to the calendar that originally came with the game).

Have fun! And please let me know how you like the mod, if it runs okay and if there are still any mistakes in the calendar.
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