stadium 3d

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stadium 3d

Postby palkaeop » 22 Aug 2012, 09:48

And I still question whether you can add new stadium 3d?
Is it possible to modify the existing?
And under which the file is hidden stadium?
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Re: stadium 3d

Postby haas192 » 22 Aug 2012, 15:44

You can add new 3d stadium, but you can't modify the existing stadium. But it is a rally hard thing to make a stadium... I tried it a few times and have never successed, but if you want to we can try to make one together. You can use the ground.3ds file as a base to show you the sizes. (Tennis Elbow 2011/Data/Models/ground.3ds)

1.:You must download 3d studio max to be able to make a stadium. (at least 3ds max 2010 version)
2.:Your stadium should be basically separated in 4 parts: Front, Back, Left, Right.
3.:Each part should consist 3-4 levels. And you should name these levels: Crt_F1..., Crt_B1..., Crt_L1..., Crt_R1... .
4.:There should be an object named "sign" which contains all the logos and adds for the stadium.
5.:There should be four other objects named BB_MatchTm and BB_ServeSpd for the back part and BF_MatchTm and BF_ServeSpd for the front. They will drawn the match time icon and the serve speed icon.
6.:Don't forget to delete "ground" object when you finished, because it will ruin your stadium in the game.
7.:Try to pay attention to the objects to be in the direction where you can see the bright side, because if you see the dark side, you will get the signs and textures inside-out.
8.: Finally the stadium should be using only one texture which you have to render. (Usually a JPEG file)

Am I right Mautoo :P ?
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Re: stadium 3d

Postby manutoo » 23 Aug 2012, 04:03

that's a good resume. :yes:
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