Service Talent question

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Service Talent question

Postby lreese » 30 Sep 2011, 00:16

Hi ManuToo,

I've experimented with adding service talents to WT players but I still don't see any spin serves. Example, I added Service_Slice 100 and Service_Kick 100 to Edberg but I still haven't seen him hit a single slice serve, no matter the surface. Kick, I don't know for sure, it's harder to see visually. Sure this is working?

Edit: Checked some more. I'm pretty sure, there are no spin serves on the WT. Added Service_Slice 100 to Todd Martin, no slice serves. Goran Ivanesevic already had slice serve as a talent, never hit one. etc....I thought I saw these before the update so maybe something got lost?
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