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Postby Issa93 » 18 Aug 2011, 20:39

Being a regular follower of ATP tours since 1996, I fist got toknow tennis elbow a lng time ago.
My main interest was to play the real world tour ,so that reason only was enough for me.

When I see what the game has now become, I m really impressed.

Just to give you an exemple ,I just started a newseason with Thomas Muster and I was really surprised to see that his style was really realistic ( high bombed balls and being endurant all over)I was playing Lendl ,who was returning everything that i was sending.

SO for that ,only for this simple reason : Realism , i wanted to thank and congratulate Manutoo.

I can only imagine what amount of work it was ,to create all that data base,and to put correct attributes on the players games,and for that,everyone of us should be grateful.

I would also like to thanks Sam 250,and Torto,with whom my game now looks really cool ( and i m looking forward to the other outfits and faces of classic players)

So as we say in France ,Manu,Sam,and Torto : MERCI ENORMEMENT POUR CE JEU ,ET MERCI POUR TOUT !!!!

Longue vie a la communauté elbow

Long live to the Elbow Community!!!!
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Re: Congratulations

Postby manutoo » 19 Aug 2011, 04:36

You're welcome... ;)
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