Courts don't appear in WT

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Courts don't appear in WT

Postby TMF » 06 Apr 2011, 16:34

I have problems adding courts to the World Tour. I added more custom courts other than the 4 custom courts I already have, and wanted to use those courts for specific tournaments. I created customcourt05, customcourt06... and extracted court07's images and copied them to the new customcourts' folders while replacing the court and courttex images. Also I edited models/textures/stadium and added custom05, custom06 and added the textures. I then edited gamesys and added stadium14, stadium15... Then for the World Tour in the tour.atp file I added newcourt (in my case IW and others) = 14, 15...and changed the ground of the tournaments i want to edit. But in the tournaments the courts still remained unchanged. I'm guessing something went wrong when I'm editing the tour.atp file because the new courts (other than the 4 custom courts) appeared in the training club (but with clay logos). What should I do?
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