"Mods" and online games?

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"Mods" and online games?

Postby milos » 14 Jan 2011, 22:14

Manutoo (and everyone else who might know), how do the modified files (like racquets, clothes...) appear when we play online games? Is there a rule to this, is it displayed correctly or is it all white (as I have seen some players appear all white)?
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Re: "Mods" and online games?

Postby Algo » 15 Jan 2011, 01:23

sometimes it's ok (meaning I can see both mine and my opponent's modded clothes), sometimes if I have modded clothes it'd appear as default ones and sometimes it's all white.
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Re: "Mods" and online games?

Postby manutoo » 15 Jan 2011, 05:24

If you :
1- add a new outfit number => it'll be white for your opponent
2- replace a current outfit number => it'll appear as the original one for your opponent

3- If your opponent does 1- or 2- exactly like you, then he'll see your modded outfit.
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