TourCategory.Ini : Stress Delta

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TourCategory.Ini : Stress Delta

Postby Jamie Henriques » 08 Jul 2010, 20:39


Many of us love this game I know including me. I hav e query abiout the Tour Category. Well at the moment I am a player on the WTA tour and on the file TourCategory.WTA there are two two rows I am slightly unsure of. Well the guide pretty much explains the idea of qualifdraw, race points, type rank, etc.

There are two other rows one is 'StressFinal' and the other is 'StressDelta.'

I am guessing StressFinal is the stress in the final of the tournament. SO far I have set it to 99 fo Slams and have observed that the top ranked players i.e the top 20 seeds go through almost everytime until the third onwards where they then face face each other and then in the quarters you get atleast 4 of the top 8 seeds. In my opinions I love this because only the top players go through.

But what is StressDelta. For me I think it it is the stresslevel progression as the rounds proceed. Should I increase the delta for higher stress or lower it for higher stress?

Jamie Henriques

Re: TourCategory.Ini : Stress Delta

Postby manutoo » 09 Jul 2010, 04:53


yup, u got it right.
Stress in Semi = StressFinal - StressDelta
Stress in Quarter = StressFinal - StressDelta x2
Stress in R16 = StressFinal - StressDelta x3
and so on.
So lower StressDelta to have a higher stress in lower rounds.
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