Mods that work on Mac??

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Mods that work on Mac??

Postby macdonaj » 10 Feb 2022, 17:36

Hi everyone,

The only mod that worked for me back in the day on my macbook was Patch Maxou 2016. It's a brilliant patch but I'm now looking for one that is more up to date with the current players and tournaments.

Unfortunately I have tried downloading three or four mods I saw on this forum but they are all optimised for Windows and even if the poster says they can be accessible on mac, I can never do the files right and the program just crashes as soon as I open it.

Are there any mac users who can help me and recommend an up-to-date mod that works? Or if there's a way to update players/tournaments with the Patch Maxou 2016 mod? I love this game and it would be a real shame for me to stop playing over this. Thank you.
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