Olympics and Maxou Patch

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Olympics and Maxou Patch

Postby Quickglue » 20 Jul 2020, 01:40

Hi guys,

I’m new to this game and loving it! The modding community here is doing an incredible job!

I’m hoping though, that some of you can shed some light on a few questions, that I have...

- I’m playing the Maxou Patch 2016. However, is it possible to disable/remove the Olympics from the tour schedule in career mode?

- Always after playing Australian Open, the scoreboards stop changing automatically, meaning I have to manually set the scoreboards for the rest of that year, after which it goes back to automatic switching, only to mess it up again after the next Australian Open and so forth... Anyone else notice this issue or ...?
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Re: Olympics and Maxou Patch

Postby javiervet » 22 Jul 2020, 06:42

in data folder, open tour.atp, and you can remove the tournamet on tour
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