Editing the Menus

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Editing the Menus

Postby manutoo » 22 Apr 2010, 05:42


adner would like to try to a new design for the menus.

Here a mini-introduction to do that.
1- read "C:\Program Files\Tennis Elbow 2009\Data\HowToMod.html"
2- extract all folder "Menu" with the subfolders
3- open "MainTe.Menu" & "Menu.Def" & "IconPosSet01.def" & "MenuSet01.menu" with the Windows Notepad
4- try to understand a bit how it's working

The menus use a script language to place all elements on the screen. Each element can also have associated actions when it's clicked on, or on rendering.
Each menu can render "submenus" ; a submenu is just a menu part, using the format .menu as well, and usually it's a part that appears several times in a menu. For example, the skill bars in the Character Sheet are displayed using submenus.

"MenuSet01.menu" contains the background layout used in a lot of menu.
Size of its main elements are defined in "IconPosSet01.def".

I'm joining the menu Mini-Doc to this message (it's actually missing from the .pak in the current version).
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