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Postby carlosforonda » 08 Jul 2018, 11:40

Is there any tutorial about how to make scoreboards? Thank in advance.
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Re: Scoreboards

Postby S4NS3 » 08 Jul 2018, 13:09

carlosforonda wrote:Is there any tutorial about how to make scoreboards? Thank in advance.

It's a long task, I don't think there are tutorials any. I have almost finished the Wimbledon scoreboard without having read anything in the forum.

You have to locate all the files that belong to the scoreboard that you are going to modify, search for text strings with notepadd ++, use photoshop tools, create alpha transparency, new hexadecimal colors, center and adjust texts, to add new typography use some bitmap font program and then create the script or the path in code to be displayed it. You could copy & paste code and modify the values, although you will find many questions if you are not used to it.

Most of the work is done by modifying values ​​and adding some other lines of code, the negative part is that I don't know if there is any program so you can visualize the changes in real time, it's a bit to hard constantly open and close the game to review the changes. Maybe the creator of the game could help us on this matter. In short, there are quite a few files that you have to work on to create a simple scoreboard and doing a single tutorial could be very extensive.
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