Changing stadium ads in 3D?

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Changing stadium ads in 3D?

Postby jmbrown415 » 07 May 2017, 17:22

Not sure if anyone can advise or if I am in the right place..?

I am quite interested in playing the WTA mod but all the courts are 2D and I would like to play with 3D courts.

Basically what I am trying to do is use Maxous 3D courts with the patch.

I have fiddled around with the ink file so the tournament ground changes to the correct custom court.

However all the stadiums are defaulted to the French open BNP sponsor board, any idea how to change this?

I copied all the correct stadiums into models/textures/stadiums etc but how do these link?
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Re: Changing stadium ads in 3D?

Postby manutoo » 08 May 2017, 07:10


you can use "SignColor = 0" to Disable Signs/Ads for a stadium. To use other sign, there's "Sign = [YourAds]", but I don't know how Maxou handled his ads, so I'm not sure if it works same with his Mod or not.
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