Maxou ultimate patch 2016 sound fix for mac

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Maxou ultimate patch 2016 sound fix for mac

Postby colo1111colo » 08 Jan 2017, 15:56

Hi! I have a mac and i install de maxous patch and everything was perfect exept for the sound because the patch was using the original sound of the game and not the one from the patch.

The thing i did was covert all the .wav files (from the sound carpet of the patch) to .ogg. you can do this with a program i dont remember the name but its a sound convertor. Then y copy all that new .Ogg files to the original sound carpet that in my case (stem version) was in library/aplication support/steam/steam apps/common/tennis elbow 2013 and i replace all the old .ogg with the new maxous .ogg one. The to finish i put the sound.ini (maxous patch one) in the oroginal sound carpet (where i put the new .ogg) and i replace it for the old one.

And that was the solution!! Sorry for my english. Its not my first lenguage! But i hope this can help you. If you have an easiest way, please tella us!! And MAXOU thank you for your amazing patch!!

Ps: you can ask if you didnt understand a step.
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