Problems with Tennis Elbow 2013 SamPatch

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Problems with Tennis Elbow 2013 SamPatch

Postby Rec1906 » 27 Dec 2016, 20:27

Hello!! I'm completely new here, but I decided to create an account. I just installed the game and the patch and I have already a few problems:
First one- There are no official players in the exhibition menu. I can only play with players that were created by the game.
Second one- In carreer mode, when I click to go to the next tournament, I simply cannot choose one because the game goes berserk! The names of the tournaments scroll down and up with imense speed without me doing anything! The same happens with the ranking list!
Third one- I have no scoreboard in the matches (15-0 for example doesn't appear at all)
If someone could be so kind to help me, I would greatly appreciate it!
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