Smaller Players? Want shorter ralleys with more winners!

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Smaller Players? Want shorter ralleys with more winners!

Postby markhansavon » 09 Sep 2009, 00:35

Hello there dev people. =) I really love this game, but my problem with it is that against someone that plays backcourt ralleys could go anywhere from 50-100 ralleys which gets extremely boring.

I want to play with shorter ralleys, with more winners! Any tips?

1. Are there mods that help out with it?
2. Is there a way to make characters smaller?
3. Can I turn the global speed of all characters down?

Thanks ahead of time! The tour mode is friggin awesome. Really challenging. =)
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Re: Smaller Players? Want shorter ralleys with more winners!

Postby manutoo » 10 Sep 2009, 03:24


yes, it should be possible.
In the "Tennis.ini" file (or the .ini of your custom Profile in the "Profiles" subfolder), look these lines under [MtRun] :
Acceleration = 1.75
MaxSpeed = 2.0
AiAcceleration = 1.0
AiMaxSpeed = 1.0

The 1st 2 lines control your player speed when the "mtrun" cheat code is enable, and the 2 last control the CPU speed.
To have Mtrun always enabled, add this line, under [Game] (or change it if it's already there) :
FastRun = 1
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