INSTALLATION Patch Maxou "ATP 2016"

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INSTALLATION Patch Maxou "ATP 2016"

Postby Maxou » 08 Apr 2016, 11:06

First of all, you must install your game TE 1.0g 2013 version and run it once to bring up the "Mods" file
Remember to put your key in the root of the game.
Now that your "Mods" is visible, create a new file named "ATP 2016" inside the folder "Mods".

All files sent atp 2016 patch (6 in total if you download the English and French 2 comments) must be placed inside the new file "ATP 2016" that you created in the "Mods".
ONLY the "Profiles" file sent, must be at the root of your game TE 2013 1.0g.
(Deleted the original file "Profiles" and replace it with the one sent).

To update end of March:
Here 2 MENU files / DATA / copy and paste above the elders who are in the MODS folder of your game patched "ATP 2016" Do not delete the old menu and Data but just copy paste the new over replacing all files requested (say yes)

Here's the latest update dated April 13, 2016.
This update does not erase your career started.
I know you're anxious to play your tournaments April.
I have all ranked well,This is done alone, just open your "MODS" and put all into it by saying "yes" to all the changes.I repeat, you just have to replace all the files requested by saying "yes".
5 seconds later, it's done.
New " PATCH MAXOU 2016" link here: topic29-24824.php
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