help, I'm new [New Players with Sam MegaPatch ?]

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help, I'm new [New Players with Sam MegaPatch ?]

Postby elikon96 » 11 Feb 2016, 00:46

hi guys, I just purchased this game and I wanted to have all the players, so I installed this:
and when I enter the game it shows me it has modding but in the player selection part there are no new players.... I don't really understand what to do, and it's really really inportant to me :\ please someone help me
btw... I know there's probably no one real answer, but what mod should I use?
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Re: help, I'm new [New Players with Sam MegaPatch ?]

Postby jimtiti14 » 16 Feb 2016, 08:15

Hi,start career and there is all players pick one by one player and save it in up folder and now you have all players who picked in the practice mode. :D
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