RankPerYear for Season 2016

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RankPerYear for Season 2016

Postby Maxou » 16 Jan 2016, 12:00

I try to create a new profile to play in career mode a 2016 season.
For this I will select the top 50 players earlier this year.
There will DJOKOVIC # 1 / # 2 MURRAY / FEDERER 3 / ... etc .......
This profile will add to other already existing, it will call themselves "PROFILE SEASON 2016"
So I take into account for example to play this season the player NICK KIRGIOS number 30 ATP.
I will play the tournaments he participated this season and see if I will be ranked higher than him at the end of the 2016 season.
For this I must correctly change the "RankPerYear" of the 50 players to make it as close to the true values ​​of reality.
Explanations of MANUTOO in the game documentation is sketchy, I need to know more.
Thank you to the person who will explain me the system "RankPerYear"
I think a real 2016 season with a player selected in the top 50, making the real tournaments in which he participated throughout the season could be a good choice in addition to the career mode.
Thank you for your potential help.
New " PATCH MAXOU 2016" link here: topic29-24824.php
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