How to install ITST 1.17 on Mac.

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How to install ITST 1.17 on Mac.

Postby lekpai9 » 13 Jan 2016, 00:33

I could do only till the third step. I downloaded the ITST Mod but it says to launch the installer. I didn't know how to do that. Can anyone help me here?
I just bought the game yesterday, I really want to play with real players. Thanks.

1. Install the last Tennis Elbow build.

2. Copy your Key.txt file to the main folder of Tennis Elbow 2013. You receive this file from ManaGames via email when you buy respectively register the game.

A warning: Never give your Key.txt to any other person and report every person asking for your Key.txt via private messages to the ITST hosts or management.

3. Launch the game, go to ``Misc Options'' and at ``Advanced Options'' switch to ``On''.

You then will see a smiley face icon to the upper right menu in the game. Click on it and select ``Create New Profile''. Type in the name "ITST" (all uppercase). If you want you can switch "Select on Startup" to "On", but you do not have to. Finally quit the game, you are done with this step.

4. Download the ITST Mod (see download mirrors above), launch the installer and as destination choose the Tennis Elbow 2013 main folder.

5. Now restart the game: The ITST Profile should be active and you should be able to load the characters in the character sheet. You are able play offline (Training Club Warm-Up or Match) and online from here on.
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Re: How to install ITST 1.17 on Mac.

Postby FriedlandH » 28 Jul 2016, 20:55

I really need help on installing ITST 1.17 on my Mac. I have tried everything and I still need someone to give easy instructions. I copied my key.txt file to the main folder and it didn't work. I typed ITST 1.17 on the profile and it did't work. I really need some help with this on my Mac.
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Re: How to install ITST 1.17 on Mac.

Postby azzadagama » 08 Jun 2017, 09:59

Sorry mate,
But ITST 1.17 is only for Windows
The mod doesn't work for Mac
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