acceleration anim as a normal one

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acceleration anim as a normal one

Postby nicocecca » 03 Oct 2015, 13:33

hi, is it possible to use only the acceleration version of anim? thank you...
court stakhanovite
court stakhanovite
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Re: acceleration anim as a normal one

Postby popnfresh93 » 04 Oct 2015, 03:39

Yes it is. If you can find you anim folder (usually Data\Models\Anim) find the folder that corresponds with the strike number in game. For example if you are using forehand strike 44 in game, click on folder playermale44.

Inside you should see the files forehand.anim, forehand.text and if that strike has an acceleration animation, you will also see the forehand_acc.anim and forehand_acc.text.

Now if you want to use the acceleration anim for all forehand shots (weak and strong) you are going to have to delete the files that are named forehand.anim and forehand.txt (recommended that you back up these files in case you want to use them again in the future).

You should now be left with the forehand_acc.anim and forehand_acc.text files. Simply right click, select rename and erase the _acc, so that the file is now forehand.anim. Do the same with the forehand_acc.txt

So basically, you are deleting the normal strike animation and the game will now use the accelerated animation for weak and strong forehand strikes.
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