Wimbledon "Hard court bounce"

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Wimbledon "Hard court bounce"

Postby Julia-Land » 07 Jul 2015, 14:32

Hello. I have a problem for Wimbledon!

I've just won my R2 match and I noticed that in my R3, the bounce of the ball and the sound of the rackets sounded like if I was playing on hard court. The ball bounces very "high" like on hard court... It's like I'm playing on hard court at Wimbledon!

I didn't change anything except that I switched from court 14 to court 1...
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crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: Wimbledon "Hard court bounce"

Postby hamzafederer » 07 Jul 2015, 19:57

Hi Julia-land :)

To change the rebound bounce of your court, you have to modify his associated court.ini file

1- Open the court.ini file of the court you want to change
2-replace the lines under [Physics] with those lines
Code: Select all
[Physics]   // Grass
Friction   =   0.58
Elasticity   =   0.70
Grass      =   1
MaxSkidAngleRatio=   0.30
SkidAngleRatioBase=   0.0
SkidSound   =   5
SurfaceSpeed   =   1.0

3-save your court.ini file

For the sounds you have to change it by yourself, you can download a grass sounds pack and install it in your game

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