sorry if i'm not at your incredible level of wisdom

Everything about Modding TE2013, from new courts to the modifications of the player & tournament bases (and including all the bugs they may be creating ! ;) )
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sorry if i'm not at your incredible level of wisdom

Postby nicocecca » 07 Mar 2015, 17:34

well i've actually posted 5 or 6 questions by now, probably foolish for sure, but you know... you gotta be an hacker or you are no one inside obviusly nobody ever deigned me of an answer
let's see... i spend 20€ for this game, i suppose as much as you, but clearly you are better than me... because everyone inside here has always known everything about Qped or .ini files or masks when they first read about them.
yes, there's a "how to mode" guide, is it actually useful for someone that actually doesn't know how to mod? ...i guess no
now i'm tired of being treated like an idiot since i'm not, thanks for the support and f*** yourselves
court stakhanovite
court stakhanovite
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Re: sorry if i'm not at your incredible level of wisdom

Postby manutoo » 08 Mar 2015, 04:53


1- you posted in the wrong Forum (ie: Tennis Elbow, instead of Modding ; now I moved it to the correct Forum, so I wonder if you're even going to see my answer :fear: )
2- you didn't ask 5 or 6 questions, but only 1, and not in its own topic but in another topic search.php?author_id=9138&sr=posts , which is called topic hijacking and is wrong
3- most people have trouble with Modding at 1st, but they take their time to read & look for info, and eventually they figure out how to do stuff on their own
4- your 1 and only question is answered in the How To Mod + in other topics in the Forum ; if you knew how to search, you'd find them, for example here topic29-17716.php or there topic29-17141.php

So what does it make you ? :sad3:
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