TopPresence and other categories in TourCatergory.ini

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TopPresence and other categories in TourCatergory.ini

Postby vaidisova » 21 Feb 2009, 10:20

Manutoo, it seems added some strange categories that didn't be used in TE2006 so i have a few questions before i start editing it.

1) what exactly are these? and what does it effect if i edit the numbers in it?


2) i don't like the fact that there are some top ten players play in the lower tournaments (like Tier III/IV in WTA) so i might have to edit the TopPresence number. the question is if i do after i played the world tour for a year, will it crash my saved game?
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Re: TopPresence and other categories in TourCatergory.ini

Postby manutoo » 22 Feb 2009, 07:28


1) Typerank is explained in this long topic about tournament edition : ftopic1322.php&highlight=typerank
TaxesFinal = Taxes ratio in final draw
TaxesQualif = Taxes ratio in qualif draw
StressFinal = stress in final round
StressDelta = stress reduction for succeeding round ; semifinal stress = StressFinal - StressDelta ; quarterfinal stress = StressFinal - StressDelta * 2 ; last 16 stress = StressFinal - StressDelta * 4 ... and so on

Taxes are shown in the weekly result screen.

Stress is used for the score simulation of the CPU players, and is related to their ColdBlood skill.

2) it shouldn't invalidate your current saved games...
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