Issue with atributes in offline mode (ITST patch)

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Issue with atributes in offline mode (ITST patch)

Postby kaderr91 » 20 Aug 2014, 22:44

Hello guys,

I am quite a noobie when it comes to TE2013, I have just installed ITST mode and it is great, but I have one issue.

I understand that attributes are impossible to change due to online game being fair, but I don't play online at all. Actually I play only exhibition matches and I like to try different stuff there, changing attributes and so on. And it is impossible on ITST patch.

So my question - is there any way to change attributes in offline mode for exhibition matches in ITST?

I wuold be very grateful for any help :).

Re: Issue with atributes in offline mode (ITST patch)

Postby djarvik » 21 Aug 2014, 23:26

Sorry, ITST Mod is made strictly to play online, so all off line features are not available/viable.

I suggest you try playing online ;) it is much more enjoyable (personally). As for changing stats - change players instead! Each one is unique, fun to use and carefully balanced to provide a great online experience.
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