Futures? [and tournaments per week limit]

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Futures? [and tournaments per week limit]

Postby Aleksa Kitic 3 » 20 Jul 2014, 16:53


I like this game so much, but I think there are space for changes in WT Mode. For example futures and challengers isn't realistic. And of course I try to change somehing in ATP Tour Category and in ATP Tour.ini files. But I note that there can't be more then(some number) tournaments in one week, so I just want to ask is possible to somehow change that. There is about 15 futures in week but when I make them there can be every future. And something else, I delete sattelite category and make future category but in game when i won future tournament there is written Sattelite no Future tournament.
Some on help please
Aleksa Kitic 3

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