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Postby El Croato » 28 May 2014, 11:56

Hello manutoo!

As requested, I will post my questions in the generic modding section. :-)

I have just read your explanation on the Menu/, but I have failed to create something successful so far as I do not have much knowledge about the TE engine that regulates sounds and the difference existing between the Audio FX Number
and the Audio FX Sub Number.

Therefore, I would like to ask you if you could please provide me with some more practical examples like you did with the 'Low Applause' example.

You also said that the idea of that new system consisted in substituting 'default' sounds by new ones in some cases. Does this imply that we have the possibility to add brand new sounds with no need to use them as a replacement to 'default' sounds?

Thank you in advance!
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crazy of the little yellow ball
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Re: Menu/InGameAnnounce.Menu

Postby gae1000 » 28 May 2014, 17:20

Great idea El croato !!!
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Re: Menu/InGameAnnounce.Menu

Postby manutoo » 29 May 2014, 05:58

El Croato,
so :
- you can add new sounds in Sound.ini , without problem ; and thus, you can use the n° of the new sound in your
- Num = n° in Sound.ini ; example : "Sound09 = NET.wav" => Num = 9
- SubNum = n° of the Sound in the Entry SoundXX, 0 based ; example : "Sound10 = APP0_Quiet.wav, App0_QuietB.wav, App0_QuietC.wav ; Num = 10 ; APP0_Quiet.wav's SubNum = 0 ; App0_QuietC.wav's SubNum = 2
- SubNum = -1 => means should play a random SubNum

Note: it just made me think that the Engine wouldn't accept -1 as a new SubNum, so I just changed that and I updated the Patch (but still not the demo), although I guess you won't really need it
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