Weird stats/normalize skill

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Weird stats/normalize skill

Postby paranoid » 16 Nov 2008, 10:57

hi, I got some problems while playing world tour mode.
1- Some no name players (at least what I think..) like Moine, Mair, Naor etc. got ridiculous high rating that's easily equivalent to a top 10 player..
Is it the game creator's intention or just putting some random rating to a player that nobody knows? :D

2- Secondly, I know the skills rating are normalized according to Rank per year. Is it possible to totally disable this function? I don't think skills is dependent on ranking.
for instance, at least, players like Sampras, Pimpim Johansson they haven't played competitive tennis for ages and still serve 210km/hr+ bombs if they want to. Also, I don't really want to see guys like Guccione, Isner, Benny Becker, Soderling have a weaker serve than Nadal, Simon which is ridiculous :(
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Re: Weird stats/normalize skill

Postby manutoo » 17 Nov 2008, 07:12


1- In what years this happen ?
If it's in future, then it's normal... Federer & Nadal won't be there forever... ;)

2- Skills aren't dependent of ranking, but ranking is dependent of skills..! :mrgreen:
Without this system, Sampras would be n°1 for all his career...

I tuned all the players u mentioned so they have better serve now (they all have so so or even poor serve in the previous version).
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