How to edit Data\Players.*.Ini

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How to edit Data\Players.*.Ini

Postby dieguito » 03 Nov 2008, 17:43

I've bought the game and really enjoy it so far ! Great evolution and I like the new gameplay ! Some questions regarding players evolutions:

1- Do their characteristics change during a season ? If yes, what does make them change ?

2- Can you explain me how "Players.ATP.Ini" file goes ?

3- Does TE2009 uses all the characteristics (concentration, coldblood, etc...) ?

4- Are the levels written in this file the peaks or the starting ones ?

5- If I change a player's "RankPerYear" number, can it be a problem if I put the same number at the same year as another player ?

(I hope that you understand my questions because English is not my language but I use it instead of French because people may be interested in the answers) !

Thanks and congratulations again !
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Postby manutoo » 04 Nov 2008, 06:10


1- nope, skills change only once a year, around last week of December

2- read the file "Data\HowToMod.html", and this topic :

3- yes & no : yes, all skills are used by the score simulation; no, some skills aren't used in the real-time game engine

4- neither of that; they are relative to each other, and then normalized according to the current RankPerYear to give the strength needed to reach the RankPerYear ranking.

5- No problem, you can put 5 players n°1 the same year, then they'll be all more or less of the same strength, and u won't be able to predict which one will be n°1 at end of year ; also, the game will be harder for the user, coz he'll have 5 very good players to beat to win tournaments.
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