Can someone help me with replacing strikes of new update?

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Can someone help me with replacing strikes of new update?

Postby Hele. » 17 Dec 2013, 13:55

I would like just to have strikes of last TEb update. I have Dilma's patch (cause it is the only one with WTA patch) where strikes are pretty fast. And in new updated there are more or less the same strikes of moders but that are more slower. I don't want lose courts, outfits, etc. so I just wonder how to replace strikes. Can someone explain how to replace those strikes with those of manutoo's update?
Also, if there alternate how on easy way set speed of strikes. I have seen in strike.ini (of each strike, it can be forehand, backhand) file there is component speed (it is set on 1.0)? I tried to change it but it didn't have effect in the game. Maybe there is alternate just to reduce speed of strikes?
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