Help for create a New Court and tournament

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Help for create a New Court and tournament

Postby raccenture » 05 Nov 2013, 18:16


i need some info regarding the step for create a New court and Tournement

I try to explayn how i wont to do:

1) I want add a new Tournement

Ground = COL
DrawSingle = 28
DrawDouble = 16
Category = 7
Country = CO
Week = 29
PrizeMoney = $638085 90950 47900 25900 14850 8710 5160
CustomHud = Hud_ATP250

I understand that i need add a similar part on file Tour.ATP.ini

But i don't undestand how correlate to a Court.

I've installed the SAM Patch.

I would like to create an ATP 500 tournament from scratch, calling ACCENTURE OPEN.
The field should be clone of Toronto, on the concrete.

I explained as I do?
Can I take the folder of Toronto, copy and replace the images?
There is something to be changed in many files. Ini files in the patch folder?

Thanks in advance
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tennis fan
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