Career bugs

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Career bugs

Postby LakeDown » 15 Sep 2013, 12:34

Hello, I have a few problems to report regarding the career mode. I am sorry if these problems have been resolved elsewhere.

1. I just started a career and just reached week 3. I check the rankings and find that all players have changed in appearance. Nadal looks like somebody else, Federer looks like somebody else, etc. Basically most players have completely different clothes and faces etc. This has happened in some of my previous careers and I dont know what triggers it..

2. At the start of a career, all the CPU players have higher stats than they have in the character sheet in training club. I find it ridicolous because a player like Nadal, who is a great defender with solid ground strokes, suddenly also has an amazing serve rating with 90% power, accuracy etc.. I understand that players are given some XP points, but I find this annoying and it just messes up the players' stlye of play.

These things really prevent me from enjoying this game. I want to play against authentic opponents, not Roger Federer looking like someone else while having 100% speed and backhand power.
And I do have a mod installed.
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