tricky: scorebords in Training Club

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tricky: scorebords in Training Club

Postby crel » 07 Jul 2013, 00:51

After 10 days of patches, codes and sweat I realize that I only play the Training Club and just wanna see some nice different scoreboards there. And I do not like the scoreboards near the middle of the court so my players are playing hide and seek. (for that reason I work with the default-position right side up)
My idea is to print the scoreboards right on the court.jpg of each court!
Download this and you got:


1) “ All invisible Huds”
in this folder you find 4 .tga-files – copy these to your ico-folder and your default-scoreboard will be invisible – just the letters appear.

2) “All scoreboard layers”
here you got many different scoreboard-layers (.pdn) that you may copy over your specific court.jpg. and save it as .jpg again.
( designed for 1600 X 900 - if your court is another solution you must change the layer to this)

ATTENTION: works only for 1 set Training Club, not in World Tour !!!

I know thats not the jackpot but for me its OK.

Feel free to create other layouts and post them here.
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Re: tricky: scorebords in Training Club

Postby Nigogu » 07 Jul 2013, 01:07

I really like them, looks like old Kersou and Extremista90 scores :applause:
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