double net?

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double net?

Postby nschulman20 » 03 May 2013, 22:37

When I download certain courts that keep the original net from the image used to create the court some don't have a misc_00 of the net they used to copy and paste in the miscripite folder under data.

The problem I can't figure out is how to get rid of the double net that shows when I play that court in this instance. I've tried taking out the 'misc_00' and it enters this funky net in play.

So, on courts with the net apart of the court image and there isn't a misc_00 to enter the miscripite folder; how do I just get the net of the court image to show?
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Re: double net?

Postby ComeonANDY!! » 04 May 2013, 00:32

When i downloaded my Courts with nets they were made by Rounders,he always released a misc_00 file with them to go into the miscripite folder to stop the double net problem..Go to his website.. download the Sydney Court or any for that matter and use the misc_00 you get with them.
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