Updated Strike animation list needed... Please help

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Updated Strike animation list needed... Please help

Postby nschulman20 » 02 Dec 2012, 06:58

I've spent too long looking for this on my own and need some help please! My question is simple (or it should be at least). Where can I go to find the most up to date ATP or WTA player's name associated with each strike animation currently available when creating a new player in world tour? I've asked this before and I was told to go to: topic29-7453.php but that is not an updated list. On page 4 of that same post, Manutoo asked all the TE strike animation creators to update the list as they create new strike animations; but I don't see this being done.

I play world tour with Dilima's patch so I'm not sure if the strike animations available by default in the game are different depending on the patch you download (if so, please let me know and I'll ask Dilima directly) or if all custom patches of the game have the same player animations in the same order. I haven't downloaded or added any new animations from the TE animation creators and am not interested in doing so at this time (at least until I know exactly what ATP or WTA strikes I'm currently able to choose from).

I have modified the 6 strike animations available in gamesys under the Scripts folder to '50' (the default settings seemed to restrict some female strike animations to be used with a male world tour player and vice versa), so now regardless of creating a man or woman player, I can choose from any of the available strikes that are available in Dilimas patch.

With Dilimas patch, I have the following number of animation options to choose from:
serve: 32
forehand: 29
Backhand 1 hand: 13
Backhand 2 hand: 15
slice: 12
return: 15

Just by looking at some of the animations, I can tell some of the player's the strike is associated with, but there are lots that I can't tell. Manutoo's list looked like the following:

// Federer => s1 f1/16 b1/3/5 bs1/3/7 r0/4/10
// Nadal => s2/10 f3/17/19 b1 r7
// Serena Williams=> s6 f7 b4
s = service, f = forehand, b = backhand (1H or 2H), bs = backhand slice, r = return stance
the number is the one used in the Outfit code after "a" ; add 1 to get the number within the "Customize Character" menu ; ie: s2 = Service 3

If this list already exists for all 32 serve strike, 29 forehand strikes, etc. in Dilima's patch; please let me know how to find it. If not, can someone please tell me what each one is?
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