Announcement: About Ranks, and some rules

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Announcement: About Ranks, and some rules

Postby TTennisfan » 18 Jun 2008, 01:06

Hi all
since 2-3 weeks (Roland Garros) must ppls don't play their match or many lost by W.O.
Hey u must understand that if u want me to update the ranks as fast as possible u must play ur matches on the right time!
This is why i cant update the ranks, earlier this week i was thinking of updating the ranks just before wimbledon so all of u could know where are they in the ranks, but i can't i can't cuz if I update the ranks just be4 wimbledon we willn't played it. I know some get some good reasons to not play,, and it's ok. But enough is enough
and there is my announcement :

All players, All without exceptions who didn't play their match on time, they will be ban for 4 U.S. Open series weeks; this means that they are going to be punish from7h July to the the 3rd August (they will missed good tournamentse.g. Rogers Cup (Toronto) and Western & Southern.. (Cincinnati) and if i see some1 who created another account to not be forbidden they will beout till the end of the year! so they will missed 1 grand slam

I know it's only a game, but i would like that we all take this situation unfair for ppls who would really like to play the game with the success

PS: SO if some1 knows that he will not be able to play Wimbledon unscribe here and i'll remove u from the entries table
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