Davis Cup Semifinals (Official Topic)

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Davis Cup Semifinals (Official Topic)

Postby Algo » 14 Sep 2015, 13:12

Hello, Davis Cup first round matchs can be found here
5 sets no tiebreak, tour settings (realistic, elite, tiredness on, all + danger zone).

Do not play singles 3 and 4 unless it's needed (i.e a team has not already won 3-0).
All matchs should be played before Monday 21st September

Tournament rules:
- You may change your doubles player at any time, provided that the match has not been played already.
- Singles players may not be changed unless player-to-be-changed is absolutely unable of playing (e.g trips, exams). If a singles player is to be changed, the new player will have to have been applied beforehand.
- Try to use country-representative outfits. Players themselves are to enforce this rule, but it may not lead to disqualifications or other sanctions.

PD: Germany has forfeited the match and Egypt has been granted a w.o.
PS: Serbia had chosen Clay, will fix it a bit later.
Tour Mod.

Tour issues by PM or Discord
If you don't send me a PM or DM, you might see your chances reduced. Inform me about anything that might have gone on with your matches BEFORE deadlines, otherwise, decisions won't be changed.
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Davis Cup (SF) - SERBIA vs. GEORGIA

Postby NESXA » 14 Sep 2015, 14:29


Singles 2:
ShoNe def. Tatishvili - 6/1 6/2 6/2 - GG & GL
RANKING: CURRENT (BEST) -----> S: No.5 (No.2) -----> D: N/A (No.1)
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Re: Davis Cup Semifinals (Official Topic)

Postby Stajus » 18 Sep 2015, 09:41

Idemo kraljici :cool:
The TE's all-round and doubles GOAT :cool:
73 titles (7 S + 66 D) + Davis Cup + Team Cup
11 Grand Slam titles in doubles (out of 12 played)
Best singles ranking #3
Best doubles ranking #1
Olympics 2012 - singles bronze, doubles gold
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Re: Davis Cup Semifinals (Official Topic)

Postby Demetre Chokheli » 21 Sep 2015, 13:32

hi everyone :) ithink when deadline day is gone , we, me and tatishvili losed , yes that moment i had a problem tgame instalation but thanks to khalil guedria he halped me ,and now i can play but not today not tomorrow we are giving to serbia wo .
thanks to everyone ! and thanks to admins becaus georgia was first time in the game , davis cup and oure winning was good we have here sf ! hope we will play next time <3 good luck in the final !
Demetre Chokheli
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