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Acapulco Doubles - Official

Postby NESXA » 23 Feb 2018, 23:34

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Re: Acapulco Doubles - Official

Postby Acid_Spot » 04 Mar 2018, 20:09

Hello all,

I have just played my Final against andrey9537 and wanted to share my experience.

I have informed SHONE about my past match with andrey9537, which occurred only a few days ago.
andrey9537 was again not a fair player match and I want to let people and Mods know about it.

During our last match he was celebrating his points against me, no matter if he won the point or I lost it. He did that excessively - almost all the points we played, actually - the whole match.
I didn't stop the match, because I wasnt sure of the rules. I later reported that to SHONE and we agreed that on such occasion, I need to record my match.

During our match today:
1. He again jumped up and down in sign of celebration when he won a point or when I lost one. When that happened more than 10 times, I confronted him and asked him to stop. To which he told me that he doesn't understand what his partner does and he basically has no control over the action. After that remark from my side, he suddenly stopped and that never happened again. Odd, right?
2. He stopped the match on 2 occasions, both when I was leading in the result
- the first time when he claimed that the ball, with which I won the point, was out!..when all of us know no one can do a thing about it, even it that's somehow true...and he made me wait for around 1 minute for no apparent reason
- second time - honestly I don't even remember now :D
3. He paused the game on match point for me, which I subsequently won!!! Seriously?!
4. There were some very dodgy de-sync moments in the game, which, of course could be caused by the game, but we never ever had those in our matches before and those were also not on just any points...

I have a recording of the full match, if this is of any need.

Shame on you, andrey9537
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