Weird Animation Glitch

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Weird Animation Glitch

Postby Custard Prophet » 07 Nov 2020, 12:58

I have this weird animation glitch which has just appeared in my game (not sure if there has been a new update in the last couple of weeks?). I wasn't sure how to provide you with the video clip, so I have uploaded to my YouTube but left it unlisted - however I cant post the link on here as I'm not a member (I'll try and send the link to your Twitter account). The problem has appeared in two different saves, strangely in the first save it was the player I was controlling, but in the second (which this clip is from) it was the AI player.

Basically when the affected player hits the ball during a rally, every single time they seem to go straight into a diving animation and then back to normal after the shot. It looks quite strange. Hopefully you will be able to sort this.

Custard Prophet

Re: Weird Animation Glitch

Postby manutoo » 07 Nov 2020, 13:08


I saw that on another Youtube Let's Play. It seems to come & go and so far I wasn't able to reproduce it on my PC.

Could you send me a Bug Report the next time you notice it ? (HowTo => topic19-32161.php )

This would give me some context to get a better chance of understanding what's going on... :fear:

Note : it's indeed from last month's update.
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