Everything at 0, keys not responding

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Everything at 0, keys not responding

Postby Ethanovic » 05 Jul 2020, 20:55

I have the following issues

1. My game when booted shows my character sheets at 0 (no models are loaded/shown until after I load them up)
2. The slice and fire 1+2 dont work anymore when pressing them
3. Player doesn't auto move anymore after changing settings to slow or average
4. the game does not remember anything after I load it up again and goes back to the problem from point 1.. every time!

It is an older version of TEM2 but I like still being able to use all anims created by the modders and i prefer the physics as opposed to te2013 so theres my reasoning..
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Re: Everything at 0, keys not responding

Postby manutoo » 06 Jul 2020, 06:39


delete your Tennis.ini (or the .ini of your Profile) ; it very likely got corrupted. (it doesn't happen with the Unity version... ;) )
You'll lose your settings but not your World Tour saved games.
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