A few bugs

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A few bugs

Postby DIsTuRbED » 30 Jul 2019, 02:32

Just a couple of bugs i've found:

1. Cannot go to previous menu when setting up a new game. For example I wanted to leave the new game menu to copy an old outfit and check another character but couldn't get out of the menus without exiting the game which is a bit annoying. It has happened to me a few times now. This is not urgent due to the exit game workaround. :P

2. When playing as a junior and you move on to pro training is reverts back to a week of junior training. I will try to create a save file of this happening. I think this happens when the player turns 18 but I could be wrong.

3. When minimising TEM2 to write this post, when going back in to the game the coach center is extremely bright! The rest of the game seems to be regular brightness. I have attached an image of this.

Hope this helps :)

Edit: Apparently new users cannot post images as it's "too spamy" sorry.
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Re: A few bugs

Postby manutoo » 30 Jul 2019, 05:59


1) It's working as designed (ie: there's no back button), as stuff are set for the new game and thus the current game is destroyed (that's why there's a confirmation screen when you click on the button ;) )

2) Someone else already reported this bug ; when it happens, press the Scroll Lock key on the Character Sheet of your player to send me a bug report

3) This is very likely a Unity bug (the Engine I'm using), so I can't do anything about it... :fear:
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