Is the Forum faster or slower than 3 months ago ?

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Is the Forum faster or slower than 3 & more months ago ?

It is faster
It is faster, but with some strange stalling sometimes
It is about same
It is slower
I have really no idea, but I like to answer Polls
I was not around 3 months ago nor before
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Is the Forum faster or slower than 3 months ago ?

Postby manutoo » 21 Nov 2010, 17:38


after I moved to its own private server (instead of a shared host before) almost 3 months ago, I had some trouble with optimizing the page load speed.
Since about 1 month, I installed a PHP cache, but from my end, I still get frequent stalling (ie: nothing happens for several seconds) while reading the forum ; when there's no stalling, this is definitively faster than before though (ie: almost instant page loading).

In addition of the survey, you can let me know if you think the forum should be faster (compared to other forums you may read).
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Re: Is the Forum faster or slower than 3 months ago ?

Postby Algo » 21 Nov 2010, 20:17

sometimes I get some kind of downloading-window when I go back to the main index or a sub-forum, other than that it's faster
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