Safina, Jankovic & Ivanovic

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Re: Safina, Jankovic & Ivanovic

Postby Jelena Jankovic » 26 May 2010, 08:12

Well, anyways Serena was unfair in that match, judges too... JJ is better than Serena on clay, just as Venus and Serena are better than anybody on grass... Jelena and Serena played 7 times on hard and once on clay, Venus and JJ played 5 times on hard, 5 times on clay and once on grass and JJ won that match... XD There aren't many players who have beaten the Williams sisters at the same tournament...
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Re: Safina, Jankovic & Ivanovic

Postby Sloane Stephens » 26 May 2010, 19:54

Mr.Schmith wrote:beating the sisters on clay isnt really a great achievement since theyre grass / hard court.. so xD but still she was nr1 and that was nice.. but no more xD

I strongly agree with you Mr.Schmith. I'm so sick of people being so hype that JJ beat Serena and Venus back to back failing to realize that the surface was on clay. If she can do this on grass or on hard courts then I will give her her props. (And I like JJ) Same thing with Clijsters. She beat Venus in the 4R and then Serena in the Semis, not back to back. Only two players in my eyes can actually beat the sisters in a grandslam event back to back and they already have. Martina Hingis at the 2000 australian open(Venus quarters, Serena Semis) and Justine Henin at the 2007 us open(Serena quarters and Venus semis).
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