Australian Open Upsets

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Re: Australian Open Upsets

Postby Serena Williams Fan » 06 Feb 2010, 21:27

Richou wrote:
pmsl and then you take a quick look at Venus to see youre talking out ur ass :D and besides, serena isnt a body builder, pfff shes a big fatso. needs to lose a bit of weight from that gut of hers.

LMFAO no ur the one talking outside ur ass look at The Williams Fan and have much more curves then someone these twigs/ manly female. How can you call someone fat when they weight what 170-180 lmfao idiots. No point in talking to u anymore cuz u just porved how ignorant you are.
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Re: Australian Open Upsets

Postby Stajus » 07 Feb 2010, 03:19

Excuse me? 180 lbs is a lot for a female her height. And I'm pretty sure she even weighs more than that :lol:
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