Tennis predictions game by Skype : come to join us

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Tennis predictions game by Skype : come to join us

Postby iopzzza » 18 Feb 2015, 18:16

If you are interested in participating in a tennis predictions game, come join ours. It's based on the ATP tour, we pick a player who we think will win in the 1st round, then in the 2nd round, 3rd round and so on. But we cannot pick the same player twice. We have a skype chat where we say our predictions and there are certain rules. All 4 grand slams and 9 masters atp1000 tournaments are mandatory, also 4 atp500 are mandatory, it's your choice who that 4 tournaments will be. If you want you can take part in 3 atp250 tournaments too (the max number of tournaments your can participate is 20). They're not mandatory (the 3 x atp 250).Scoring points are like the atp tour , if u guess all winners in a grand slam (1 each round) you get 2000 points for example. The game is at its second week, we are 4 people at the moment, only Rotterdam and Marseille/Delray beach/Rio have passed. Come join us :) (sorry for writing here , its the only place where i will get atention) My skype is i_am_bg2 if u want to join :)
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