Kim Klisters is BACK !!!

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Re: Kim Klisters is BACK !!!

Postby Leena » 06 May 2009, 09:00

Safina won't be #1 for long.

Too bad that Zvonareva broke her ankle again, because she was in line to get it by summer, assuming Serena continues to not car... err catch the "flu"... err get injured every non-slam.

Maria's career is in danger. I've had rotator cuff surgery, and you never feel the same again. It takes a LONG time mentally, as well. As a Sharapova hater, I'm enjoying this. Maybe in the meantime, and she can dump her asshole leeching father. And try shutting up on court, too.

Azarenka looks like a potential #1 threat to me. The only younger player I see with anything close to a complete game. I'd be a fan, but another one that needs to shut up.

Also, thankfully, Micaela Carolina Larcher de Screamo's career seems to be stagnant for the moment. This girl cannot become a dominant player. Please. And keep refraining from improving that popcorn serve.
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