Great & Powerful Soundtracks please!

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Re: Great & Powerful Soundtracks please!

Postby E=mc2 » 28 Dec 2014, 10:11

Algo wrote:
I'll guess you're not fond of classical music nor logic :lol: , as it's obviously the full soundtrack album and not just one of the songs (take What's the Matter Man or Ace of Spades, my two faves there)

I was bored to listen a song with such a huge length :fear: I just walked through few moments which felt good but you should probably post the timeline of the tracks you mentioned, so as to make it short for me to listen....I know to download and crop the videos. I am fond of logic but not classical music :whistle: Also its way too long to listen, that's my point ':D Adrenaline dies by that time :sweat:
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