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Tennis Elbow 2011 Mac v1.0d

Postby manutoo » 26 Jan 2012, 08:24


Tennis Elbow 2011 Mac v1.0d is released (Build 80-2012.1.26) : ... [Permanent direct download link to the latest version]

/!\ Updating: when you update to a newer version, you have to transfer the "Profiles" subfolder from your previous TE2011's directory to the new installation folder to keep your saved games ; do not overwrite your current game folder with the new one, else you'll lose your saved games (they might end in the bin, so still in recoverable state, though).

New Features :
- New Strike Styles : 1 forehand, 1 backhand, 1 Serve (you're welcome to guess from what real players they are inspired from in this topic : topic15-2209.php?start=120#p85236 - the new serve is actually the serve n°2 pre-v1.0c, so it's not really new ;) )
- World Tour : players will be now all in White, Grey & Black (ie: no colors) for the UK Slam
- Modding : added a "How to distribute your Mod to other users ?" section in the HowToMod documentation
- Modding : easier to handle HUD modifications for specific tournaments with Modded Tour base
- Modding : can save & reload strike styles when there are more than 10 styles
- Modding : advanced player name formatting (see "Pak01.pak/Menu/HudAbove.Menu")
- Modding : can change the Woman Serve Speed Coefficient in World Tour in the Tennis.ini with WtaServeSpeed, under [WT_Static]
- Modding : added MaxShader in [3dEngine] in GameSys.ini to allow to increase the maximum shaders ; this is needed if you add a lot of images & icons to the game

Changes :
- World Tour : Men & Women Player bases updated with 2011 year end rankings (see notes)
- Animation : tuned Serve n°2, smoothed 1H-Backhand n°2, Forehand n°6 & n°8
- World Tour : in the Country Cups, countries with high Top Spin players have more chance to select Clay surface
- World Tour : women serve speed lowered
- Physics : net clip slightly tuned so the ball is going up a little bit depending of the ball position & speed
- AI : CPU uses dropshot at net more smartly (ie: only if the incoming ball isn't too fast)
- Gameplay : strike speed bonus on high ball slightly lowered for the volleyer style
- Gameplay : when volleying very quickly after the ball is hit by your opponent (ie: volley vs acceleration, and volley vs volley), the ball is a bit harder to control
- Gameplay : auto forward speed (when you prepare your strike) noticeably raised when you stand after the 2nd ball bounce
- Gameplay : strike choice between baseline and volley tuned
- Gameplay : short acceleration enhanced => the speed handicap on low ball now applies less strongly, especially with high Top Spin skill
- Gameplay : short strike speed slightly raised when the power skill is very low

Bug Fixes :
- Modding : Outfit code is correctly logged in System.log when you click on the "Copy to Clipboard" button
- Modding : fixed custom camera init for 2D court with dynamic mode
- World Tour : Woman strike speed penalty coz of low ball was too big
- World Tour : when asked to enter a Forced Tournament in Singles, you'll be now registered for Doubles as well if you wanted to if your ranking was not high enough to be a Forced Tournament in Doubles
- World Tour : fixed hanging on "Week - Day" screen when playing a doubles tournament with 2 human players
- World Tour : Serve Talents are correctly loaded, so some CPU players should now use slice & topspin serves
- World Tour : your partner will now cancel their singles if you want to enter a doubles draw in another tournament ; they'll try to join in Singles, if their ranking allows it
- World Tour : correct ranking points assignation around 2-week tournaments for your player when not starting at the rank #1000
- Rendering : slightly better court lines display when the corridors are off

Notes :
- Changelog of previous versions is here : topic15-5081.php
- as usually, if you notice any glitch or bug, thanks to report them !
- With all the different improvements brought by this new version, now the CPU should be globally quite better to reach the net & then finish the point there
- I had to move a bunch of players around in the base, to make them play longer while not invalidating the existing saved games ; in result, the moved players will get the history of the replaced players ; example : Federer didn't play in 2012, so I replaced him by a fake player which got all his results so far and will not play in 2012 ; the new Federer will have a crappy history (ie: from the fake player), but will still play in 2012 ; if you start a new game, nothing will be wrong, all players will behave correctly
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Re: Tennis Elbow 2011 Mac v1.0d

Postby manutoo » 10 Mar 2012, 07:30

Build 82, March 10th:

New Features :
- Gameplay : short slice ; this is a combo strike (like the Nadal shot), done with Short Strike followed by Slice ; with the default controls, that gives : press B1+up, release B1, release up, press B2
- World Tour : randomization of CPU level ; raise or lower a bit the CPU level for each match ; turned off by default ; check [WT_FormOfDay] in Tennis.ini for more details
- Modding : if there are more than 20 courts at total, hosting countries for Country Cup will pick a court in their country (not tested, so about 30% chances it's actually working ;) )

Changes :
- AI : CPU now takes less risk while volleying ; this means it'll aim a bit less close of lines and thus do less faults
- AI : CPU attacks more often the easy balls, especially for the Defender style (coz this style was really not attacking enough the easy balls before)
- Gameplay : run acceleration strength slightly decreases when your speed gets high
- Gameplay : Forehand slice wingspan slightly increased to match regular Forehand wingspan
- Gameplay : distance of the jump at net is now lowered a bit for tall players
- Gameplay : player will jump a bit less far at net when tired (only with tiredness on)
- Gameplay : jump at net is now tiring like half an acceleration (there are not much consequences if playing with tiredness off, though)
- Gameplay : Defender's topspin bonus slightly raised
- Gameplay : net clip on service won't lead to fault for too long ball anymore, or only rarely
- Gameplay : anti ball difficulty bonus of counter player has been slightly reduced
- Gameplay : counter player gets more tired when striking a difficult ball, and slightly more tired when hitting a regular acceleration (with tiredness on)
- Animation : Serves #1 & #2 very slightly tuned ; Serve #2 preparation tuned ; Backhand #2 tuned
- Animation : Running animation tuned, so the feet look less like sliding on the court
- Online : opponent status hidden when watching replay
- Modding : strike style sweet spots are now same for all strikes of the same kind ; to get the correct visual sweet spot for unconventional new strike style, set RealStrikeSpan to 1, in Tennis.ini, under [Game]

Bug Fixes :
- AI : in Doubles, in a team with 2 CPUs, sometimes the CPUs weren't hitting the ball (this could happen mostly with Incredible difficulty)
- Gameplay : no more lobbing Dropshots..! :blackeye:
- Gameplay : Slice #2 had a smaller wingspan than Slice #1
- Gameplay : ball was too difficult to volley after a net clip
- Gameplay : getting tired was not lowering the run acceleration, only the max speed (with tiredness on)
- Gameplay : some balls that should have been too long were ending on the baseline
- AI : CPU didn't know how to estimate his speed due to the new run acceleration, so very often he was seeing himself being too late on the ball and was choosing to do a slice when actually there was no need for it ; now, he even calculates better than before when he'll be on the ball, so I had to tune a bit the slice choice ; hopefully, he'll do the slice more or less as often as before
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