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Re: Tennis Elbow 2011 v1.0c

Postby Guest » 15 Oct 2011, 04:28

I would also like to know why there is suddenly a huge number of pretend players with ridiculously high stats in the new version of the game I was forced to download recently? My game which was going along fine now has all these fake players winning everything who have virtually 100% stats for everything and are unplayable. WHY was this done?? It has effectively ruined for me a game which I have loved playing for many years. I can't play it now as in order to be competitive against those players I have to have the difficulty set ridiculously low.
Also one of the main reasons I liked this game was it's realism. I.e. all the real player names in the game. Without them I might as well just play top spin or some other game that has better graphics.
I'm so dissapointed I just want to go back to my old game!

Re: Tennis Elbow 2011 v1.0c

Postby manutoo » 15 Oct 2011, 10:14

top players strength hasn't been changed since long time... If you don't want fictional players in top ranking, just play in real years (ie: before 2011).
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