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Elite Controls

Postby Zeneize » 13 Jul 2011, 17:17

Tried yesterday joining an online game who had elite controls activated and.. great experience.. it feels like.. real! I started using elite controls also in single player, and the opinion is confirmed.

So the question is.. why the majority of the online players use simulation controls(and no tiredness)? This often resolves in always hard hitting on the lines, no slices, no variety, very few errors, if none.. not very realistic to me.

Re: Elite Controls

Postby manutoo » 14 Jul 2011, 05:30


coz for most newcomers, starting with Elite controls would be just way too hard (and for pep not used to play video games much, it'd be forever too hard), so default controls for Offline & Online are Simulation.
But once you're familiar with the game, you're welcome to switch to Elite controls if you like it..! :yes:
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Re: Elite Controls

Postby Elias » 15 Jul 2011, 01:56

i have to agree, i play merely only with this setting online, and have a great experience. In my opinion Elite Controls is the main setting wich makes TE a very good sim (yes, the best one) :)
Sim controls when reaching a decent level leads to unreal rallies with easy hard strikes from any corner of the court / position. Elite is way more demanding position wise and brings more ue's and you have to work out your winners harder.

I think it should be a good guess to merge controls settings with fair/realistic skills settings, to create the game modes, like :

- arcade mode = arcade controls + average/fast autopos (based on offline char choice) + free skillset
- balanced mode (or whatever it should be called) = sim controls + average autopos + fair or realistic skillset (keep only realistic imo)
- Sim mode = elite controls + low/average autopos (based on offline char choice) + realistic skillset + *disabled helpers on both sides* (forced in sim mode and as a
toggle option in balanced mode).

this would also avoid players joining being confused by elite controls when they didnt checked the room icons options in the lobby.

i think also competitions should be played on sim settings (elite controls) as it brings clearly a deeper gameplay and more skill brackets provided the extended controls mastery required. I still could see some 2000+ rated player moving/hitting almost as consistently in elite control mode than in sim control mode, but not that much players can do it and it's a good thing, it means two things : 1/ it's possible 2/ it's (more) difficult to reach that level = it's a (more) competitive setting & field.

my 2 cents :)
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